What to Look for in Natural Skincare Products


Your skincare deserves the best. It’s the entire reason we created our scientifically formulated all-natural line, Prasili Skincare.

Innovation at Its Finest.

Science and nature - it’s a beautiful thing.

Prasili uses nature to leave your skin healthy and refreshed.

Our founders were frustrated by the lies and half-truths permeating the beauty industry. These scientists and natural skincare advocates went to work creating products that won’t irritate sensitive skin or clog your pores. Our creams keep your skin dewy and nourished without upping toxicity and putting you in harm’s way. This allows us to supplement your daily routine effectively without breaking the bank.

What is Natural Skincare?

Because you see this phrase often on labels both at the drugstore and in high-end retailers, we wanted to make sure the difference between natural and non-natural skincare was clear.

Natural skincare is all about using clean, plant-based ingredients. By choosing aloe vera or tea tree extracts instead of synthetic formulas created in a lab, you become an advocate for your health and the environment.

But, it is very important to emphasize: Not every natural skin care product is created equal. When choosing a natural product, it’s important to do your research. Does it contain certified organic materials? Where were the extracts sourced? Do you trust the brand?   

This holistic, data-based approach is important to us. Herbal and plant-based treatments and remedies are tremendously powerful and should always be approached with respect.

What to Avoid in Skincare

Now that you know what to look for in a skincare expert, here are a few things to avoid:

Parabens: These synthetic chemicals are essentially preservatives. Like the stuff that keeps your box of macaroni and cheese good for a year, parabens assist with keeping a mask or a lotion shelf-stable.  The science on parabens is still developing, but there is concern amongst experts that heightened exposure to parabens may affect a person’s health. Read more on this topic here.

Sulfates: This compound is added to your shampoos and body washes to create that “foam,” which can make the product seem more effective. Evidence shows they can irritate skin and, with some people, aggravate acne conditions.  The origins of sulfates are also problematic because they are often derived from petroleum and may be contributing to climate change. Read more about sulfates here.

Phthalates: The other term for phthalates is “plasticizers.” In products, they make plastic tougher and more difficult to break. In beauty products such as soaps, shampoos, and nail polish, they are often used to solvents. Preliminary data on phthalates indicate they may disrupt reproductive systems in lab animals. Read more on the science here.

All-natural products are great, but finding a skincare brand that understands the science behind natural ingredients is even better. Here at Prasili Skincare, we pledge to be transparent about the what, why,

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